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About Us   Experienced QP professionals to help you with land, septic and environmental consulting and permits
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Terra Firma Consultants is responsible for hundreds of on-site permits per year. As part of this activity wetlands, watercourses, and other geological or hydrological anomalies must be defined that may impact a permit.

In addition to this activity our company does consulting for subdivision layouts. In this process we identify wetlands, watercourses, high water marks, and any species at risk in the development area.

Meet Our Team   

Ken C. Burrows

PhD (abd), QP

Ken is a ‘Qualified Person’ (QP) licensed by the Department of Environment in Nova Scotia since 1998. He has extensive experience in wetland delineations and wetland alterations and is certified to perform these activities. He has received some of his formal wetland training from Humboldt College in Steuben Maine, was formally on New Brunswick’s list of Wetland Alteration Specialists and is recognized by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment. 

Ken has a Master of Arts from Saint Mary’s University and a PhD (abd) from Dalhousie University, concentrating on environmental legislation in Nova Scotia. These degrees primarily focus on environmental topics including the form and function of wetlands.

Ken’s Master’s thesis, entitled ‘The Aero Tech Park as a Model for Industrial Development from an Environmental Perspective, was adopted by the Nova Scotia government as a model for large-scale development from an environmental perspective.

Much of Kens’ PhD course work and research centred on the environment of the region. This thesis concentrated on Early Forest Legislation in Nova Scotia and tracks the development of Nova Scotia’s forestry legislation from 1749 to 1930. Wetlands, watercourse, and native plant life all were relevant to the research. From this thesis, a book was published called “Nova Scotia Through the Trees - 1761 to 1930”. It is used in various universities across Canada.  

Ken keeps up to date with current policies pertaining to wetland through frequent courses and seminars in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Ken is a past director and current member of the Nova Scotia Waste Water Society and is an appointed member to the Nova Scotia Onsite Advisory Board. Both of these associations regularly address wetlands policies and practices in Nova Scotia.

Ken C. Burrows
Cell: 902.221.2135

It is Ken’s responsibility,
as primary researcher
at Terra Firma Consultants, to collect the information, interpret it, and accurately report the findings.
He has consulted on many subdivisions
over the years and recently concluded projects, including wetland delineation, which involved three large subdivisions representing over
1,000 acres.

Ken B. Burrows

Ken has been licensed as a Qualified Person (QP) by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment since 2000. Since that time he has been involved with the selection and inspection of thousands of on-site sewage disposal systems. Other areas of experience include watercourse alterations and lot subdivision approval. Ken is currently an on-site Advisory Board member for the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and a member of Waste Water Nova Scotia.

Ken's background includes graduating with Bachelor degrees from both Saint Mary’s University and Mount Saint Vincent University. Although he has worked in many industries including food and beverage, tourism, and education, the on-site services industry has always appealed to him.

It is always Ken's goal to provide the best possible service to his clients while keeping current with frequently changing regulations. As there are more options than ever before to service properties, Ken recognizes his role in making sure homeowners, builders and developers know these important advantages.

"I enjoy the many unique challenges and opportunities as well as the tremendous people I get to meet and work with every day. I look forward to hearing from you and would be pleased to answer any questions you have."

Ken B. Burrows

Cell: 902.499.7479

Jeff Burrows

Jeff Burrows is a Qualified Person (QP) licensed by the Nova Scotia Department of Environment since 2007. Prior to joining the team at Terra Firma Consultants that same year, Jeff earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

During his time with Terra Firma Consultants, he has earned accreditations through the Department of Environment to perform wetland delineations as well as watercourse alterations. Jeff works extensively with developers and government officials to develop subdivision master plans in the regions of HRM and East Hants. The master plans include the sizing of building lots along with house and on-site well and septic placement for each lot within a new subdivision.

He performs large wetland delineations for developers to identify and protect prior to development and works with home builders and individuals to obtain septic approvals. With his background in Business Administration and his advanced training in the environmental field, Jeff acts a common sense bridge between the developers’ desires and the government's rules and regulations.


Jeff Burrows
Cell: 902.225.4110






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